Here’s My Story

Anthony Martin

My name is Anthony Martin, and for the longest time, I had absolutely no idea what survivalists were doing.

I wasn’t a prepper; I was a denier.

In the same way that when someone has a heart attack, they turn their lives around and become the face of fitness.

I had a traumatizing experience that nearly killed me.

Since then, I’ve had a survivalist’s mindset, but back when I started researching these topics and trying to figure out just how to prepare for everything, I came up short.

Either that, or I found half-baked resources that really didn’t know what was going on, written by people who didn’t even understand what SHTF meant.

It was frustrating, and it took me a lot longer to learn about prepping that it should have.

I got to work. I learned so much and with relatively no help, and I personally believe that it should be easy to access competent information from credible sources.

We’re living in a world unlike any other, where threats are constantly knocking on the door. We need to be prepared.

I created Prepping Insider to actually show you what it’s like in the mind of a true prepper, one who does this out of necessity and passion, so that you can understand the mindset between purchasing equipment, maintaining a homestead, and prepared for mass-scale issues all at the same time.